False Advertising

I was Googling for craft WordPress themes & found a few sites talking about the top themes. Some lists were linking to the same themes. And some of the authors of the lists were the very same person. I’m thinking affiliates.

I followed one link to a theme that did have Shopify within the name but I had no clue what Shopify was so it meant nothing to me. At no point in the buying process did it say if you didn’t have the Shopify plugin & shop you couldn’t install this theme. I was at Envato market/themeforest where they claim to be a place to get advanced WordPress themes & plugins. They also claim, per their policy, that they don’t give refunds just because you made a mistake.

If you don’t realize this stupid policy & attempt to get a refund they tell you that you have to go to the theme author which was arenathemes/arenacommerce. They’re the ones who informed me it wasn’t a WordPress theme – it was a Shopify theme. And they told me about the stupid policy.

My bank & I begged to differ. I could appeal to Envato – who created the stupid policy. And of course they denied it because the author denied it. But I’d already been to my bank by the time I got that email. I got a full refund. Then Envato sent an email like it was their decision & they was glad they could help & asked me to rate their services.

There’s countless free themes & plugins at WordPress.org. You can try it before you buy it. And both themes & plugins do offer “pro” products where after you pay for it they unlock even more features. So why not try it free before you buy it.

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