About Me

Hi! My name’s Dawn & I currently live within the heart of the Cherokee Nation – Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Welcome to my website.

I took Word Processing the first time I went to college & even the teacher was confused. Seriously – her aide had to do her job for her. Well I don’t know about her but I didn’t get over being confused ’til Windows came along. I learned Windows to play Mahjong on my mom’s computer & because of that I got a job at Tulsa World Newspaper in 1997. Then I really had to learn computers & the software within.

By 1998 Tulsa World got new computers & software including MS Office, the internet & email. But we got no books to go with any of this. The tech dept. offered free classes but we had to take them on our own time. Instead me & another gal taught ourselves & then we taught our co-workers. It was there that I discovered that printing graphics/text on letterhead & envelopes was a part of something called desktop publishing & I fell in love with it.

Graphic design, image editing & website design are all basically extensions of desktop publishing. They say find something you love & it won’t seem like a job & I love building or creating things. I might still be employed if someone hired me specifically for this. Unfortunately I don’t have a degree & most looking for techie people require one. But I do have around 19 years of experience so their loss is your gain.

I started with simple drag & drop type programs so I created simple html/css web pages. Others were amazed – I’ve been called a computer genius & creative genius by former employers. If only they could see me now. Because I thought they were plain Jane & kind of a pain. You had to download them from a server to edit them then, after saving them of course, re-upload them again.

In 2004 I discovered discussion forums which require php software & a database to run. That’s when I discovered WordPress which started out as a blog but then they added web pages so now it’s a content management system (CMS). I’ve been building websites with it ever since – about 14-15 years. I’ll tell you more about why here.