About WordPress

I realized WordPress was even a thing in 2004/2005 & I’ve been in love with it ever since. You can still try WordPress for free here.

Why am I in love with it? Because it’s an online software with a lot of bells & whistles all by itself. But then you can also add themes & plugins to make it look good & have even more features. It’s also online & has a database so multiple people could login & add content & all content added would be stored in the database. Then if it crashes or you move you’ve still got it.

It’s so popular that most if not all hosts offer it on an installation program. You click install, type in some info & click another button to finish installing & you have a website in no time. You can login & go to an admin’s dashboard & begin adding themes, plugins & content. You use a text editor to type up pages & posts. Then you have the option of saving it as a draft or publishing it instantly – no downloading & uploading first.

Hosts make it seem easy but it’s not. After 14-15 years I’m still doing a lot of reading. And it’s because for one greedy hosts are overselling space on their shared server plans & for two some people are adding more to the themes & plugins then necessary. The more you add the greater the potential for bugs. And if you don’t know much about servers, coding or databases bugs could be a problem.

Personally – I picked one of the 3 hosting companies WordPress basically advertises on their website. So far so good.