Building Your Website

Because I’m using SiteGround for hosting I was able to get free SSL certificates on both of my websites. If you order hosting & domain name at the same time you won’t have to worry about DNS records. So all I need is login info to your hosting account which is safe to send via my form or “buyers notes” if you can send them via PayPal.

I will install/activate/set-up WordPress, your chosen theme & your chosen plugins. Then I will add you & make you an admin so you can both add content & have access to any & every part of your WordPress site.

If you can use Word, or an email program like GMail, or a social place like Facebook then you can use WordPress. You might have to do a little more reading or watch a few more videos but for an awesome site it’s worth it.

At this point I can delete myself from your WordPress site & delete everything with your login info in it if you wish. The only thing you’d have to do is update the software, theme & plugins. But that’s simple clicks of a button. Moving from one host to another can be simple with the right plugin that gets all your files & database info. And every host recommends you keep a backup.

There’s also the option to keep me on monthly retainer or pay me as we go. If you’d like one of those options contact me.