Pick Your Hosting Plan

I’m listing this first because most hosting plans come with a free domain registration for a year – at least if you buy a year’s worth of hosting.

I had a domain name & used it while paying for my hosting plan only to learn I couldn’t come back later for the free domain name registration. So if you want the free offer you have to register it while paying for your plan.

I’m recommending SiteGround because WordPress does. And WordPress is a software I prefer building websites like this one with. As a result SiteGround is my current host. So far so good. 🙂

Their home page lists their main hosting plans. Recommended by WordPress though they may be – they’re still shared hosting. So if you want a WordPress powered site that takes regular web hosting off the table.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin for WordPress that’s so extensive it got it’s own plan. So if you want a simple blog or small to large biz offering services get the managed WordPress. But if you want a WooCommerce site of any size you must get the WooCommerce plan – trust me.

Otherwise they explain it well enough. Small site get cheap plan, medium site get more expensive plan & large site get the most expensive plan. I’m not even big but I got the most expensive WooCommerce plan they have because I’m not moving again so help me. I’ll tell you more about that under news & info.