Pick Your Theme & Plugins

I really wish I’d learn the art of reading reviews before attempting messing with anything “because it’s pretty”. Or “it sounds cool”. Or somebody else with a WordPress site tells me “it’s a must have”. Some people should not be teachers. Some people should not be theme & plugin creators.

They’re adding too much which could cause bugs by itself but when you add a bad theme plus one or more bad plugins it’s a real mess. Hosts don’t like it when it’s a real mess. Messes make them cut off even more of the things WordPress needs to run & then they want to blame it on you or something you’re using. Indeed – I tried at least 4 contact form plugins before realizing my email was being sent from my server rather than the email within the contact form. And since I never could get that fixed I switched hosts again. Naturally the first thing I did here was try a form & it works just fine.

The point is – don’t let the fact that they’re free tempt you into going overboard. I don’t believe I even bought the cheapest plan GoDaddy had to offer but was still moved up to a higher plan due to WooCommerce & they was threatening to move me up to an even higher plan when I left. If you got the cheapest plan I wouldn’t get a massive theme & a bunch of plugins.

At the last host I realized just because I click the button to delete a WordPress site don’t mean it’s really gone. So when you re-install it the newer files combine with the older ones therefore you still have buggy themes &/or plugins & also possibly databases from the previous installation. Now the only way to start from a clean slate so to speak is to delete WordPress files via ftp. And since there’s over 5,000 files in the mainly themes & plugins folder it takes a while.

You’re also going to want to watch buying themes or plugins outside of WordPress.org. Most all themes & plugins there have a free version but also offer a “pro” version which unlocks more features. Try the free version & if it works & you like it then you can buy it.