Register Your Domain Name

I’m on my 4th host in less than 2 months. The first was where I got the cheapest plan only to learn it wasn’t much better than the free one. Not many more themes & still no plugins. And their cheap plan was more expensive than GoDaddy’s mid plan where you can not only upload & install all kinds of themes you can also upload & install all kinds of plugins. So I moved – & when I did I had to pay nearly $20 for my “free” domain name.

My now 2 domain name’s will be stuck with whoever I registered them with for 3 mo’s. So I’ll have to keep an account with my ex-hosts so I can get in & point my domain name to various hosting servers. If I want to move them to my new & hopefully last host it’ll cost me. But on the good side – I’ll be registered for another year.

This is the bad part about free domain name registration. Should you cancel hosting it’s not free anymore. And if you register more than one you could have to login to a few place to change DNS records.

Some think it’s best to register all domain names with one place who does nothing but registrations. So if you prefer or if your free year’s up you might want to consider it.

As for your website’s domain name try to keep it as well as your business name short & sweet. It’s hard to put long one’s on any kind of marketing materials be they biz cards or websites. With just three short words mine’s pushing it.